GRC - Cooling the Nation. Responsibly!

G R C” (General Repairing center) was established in 1985, since then our goal has been to satisfy the customer with the lowest possible price without a compromise on the quality. The company is vigorously moving on the path of becoming innovative and is shaping itself according to the needs of the customers.

GRC has lately become synonymous with Desert coolers in Hyderabad. For almost twenty five years we’ve managed to make cooling system a Comfort for the People in a transitory industry which demands high standards of Quality, originality and innovation. We boast of an exclusive clientele & government concerns comprising some of the biggest names in the Hyderabad Cooling Equipments. Our Products & offers are consistently updated for the general benefit of our esteemed customers. We live and sell for the satisfaction we get from the people who us our products and appreciate the time and effort we put into it.

Today, through its Sales & Service office GRC is well connected throughout the city of Hyderabad amongst the Industrial and social networks. And thanks to its impressive product range (Single blowers,Double blowers,Regular Plastic Air coolers,Heavy ABS coolers,ABS Desert Coolers, Nagpur GI Desert Coolers Domestic and Industrial,Motors, Submersible pumps, wood wool pads,Switches,Mesh’s, Wires) GRC enjoys the position of being one of the most preferred brands.